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Established in 2017, YourTarget is a global digital and social innovation agency that powers the social ecosystem through integrated solutions that align strategy, talent, media, and technology. We help brands connect with their customers by creating personal connections in the digital world.

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We’re a full-service digital marketing agency that helps brands that want to get noticed and dominate their industry. We love marketing. We eat, sleep and breathe it. But more importantly, we love seeing our clients grow their businesses with our help. There’s nothing more satisfying than playing a pivotal role in the success of another business. Whether you’re a fresh-faced startup or a seasoned enterprise, we want to be the one that helps you chart a course to explosive growth. If this sounds good to you, then let’s talk.

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Learn more about our history – from starting as a small team of digital experts, Your Target has grown and expanded with a vital presence in different international markets, plus a new department dedicated to virtual reality and the Metaverse.

2017: Opening
We started in 2017 as a small team of passionate digital marketing experts with a mission to help businesses grow.
2018: International expansion
In 2018, we celebrated our first international client, alongside our third local client. Our team has also expanded to 4 experts.
2019: Growing team of experts and clients
By 2019, our team had grown to 5 experts, and we were proud to have 25 active clients under our belt.
2020: Expansion in 4 markets with a growing client base and team
In 2020, we continued our growth trajectory, with a team of 12 experts, 32 active clients, and a presence in 4 markets.
2021: Your Target launches office in the UAE
In 2021, we added another market to our list and opened a new office in the UAE.
2022: Middle East expansion and partnerships formed in Saudi Arabia and Egypt
In 2022, the team of experts at Your Target grew to 19 members with a primary focus on the Middle East region. Your Target formed new partnerships in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, indicating an expansion of the company’s presence in the region and a commitment to building relationships with key players in those markets.
2023: Team expansion and creation of new department dedicated to virtual reality and the Metaverse
In the year 2023, the team of experts has grown to 21 members, and a new department has been established to focus on virtual reality and Metaverse technology. This indicates a shift in focus from the Middle East to emerging technologies that can have a significant impact on industries worldwide.

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