• Inbound Marketing

    We only have one aim: to generate more lead for the client.

Thomas Edison

There is always a better way to do it. Find it.

Lead generation

The aim of marketing is the generation of contacts.


The main and essential point of every Inbound Marketing strategy is to identify the specific combination of actions needed to create a list of potential clients, who are truly interested in the products and services you offer.

Using the Inbound method, attracting online clients is founded on three main principals:

  • Creating fantastic contents: captivating, useful, fun, moving and that can arouse real interest among your target audience.
  • Promoting the contents: search engines, email marketing and social media are just a few of the online channels to make good use of.
  • Generating contacts with potential clients thanks to effectively promoted forms of content.

M. Gandhi

Take care of the means and the ends will arrive on their own


A website is your most powerful tool for marketing.


An optimized website for search engines with a captivating and structured design is your first and fundamental tool for digital marketing. Why? Because the moment a potential client stumbles across a problem, they search for a solution online.

Implementing Inbound Marketing means creating a dialogue with potential clients in order to take them through to the process of buying.

And your website is the best place to do it.

If thanks to SEO optimization you are able to obtain organic visibility on search engines and increase the traffic on your website, it is with web design tagged #Inbound that you will be able to transform this traffic into contacts that are interested in your product or service.

John Rampton

Content Marketing is the most effective way to promote oneself online – if done well

Content Marketing

Knowing how to create the right message for the right audience: this is Content Marketing.


Interesting forms of content, that are useful to the viewer, are the beating heart of every Inbound Marketing strategy: content serves to speak to your target audience, to take them through the process of buying and informing them on the products, laying the foundations for their faith in your brand. The elements to success in Content Strategy? A periodic editorial plan, the creation of landing pages ad-hoc, the planning of articles and more enhanced resources such as case studies, e-books, and much more.

Jonathan Perelman

Content is king but distribution is queen… and she wears the trousers


Wherever your client is: you must also be present.


The indisputable entry of social media makes platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others, the ideal places for the promotion of your contents, services and brand.

Using social media channels along with Inbound methodology does not simply mean taking care of your brand’s online presence, but rather knowing how to stimulate a relevant traffic of visitors, even starting from social networking.

From the preparation of personalized content , to the monitoring of social media channels and interaction with the clients, all the way to the management and optimization of sponsored campaigns: YourTarget is here to accompany you towards success in your social media campaigns.

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