• Inbound Sales

    We transform the way of selling to adapt to the new way of buying.


What is Inbound Sales?

Inbound Sales is an innovative method of selling that takes the modern client into account and fully applies the Inbound method: an approach to sales supporting the potential client through all the stages of the purchasing process.

What can YourTarget do for you?

Setting up an effective and efficient sales strategy. The team at YouTarget is at your service to create and optimize your online marketing efforts for the generation of contacts and maximizing the return on every stage of the sales-process.
From analysis of current sales to setting up a strategy of lead generation, we will support you step by step in adapting to new markets.

How do we do this?

Working alongside you to:

  • Analyze your performance and current sales strategy
  • Analyze your targeted client’s process of purchasing
  • Set up a marketing and sales strategy using Inbound methodology
  • Create a structure to support the strategy

The 4 stages of Inbound Sales


Every sales opportunity must be identified and evaluated.

This is what differentiates a business that struggles to move forward from one that reaches its sales objectives, does not waste time moving in the wrong direction and  has the capacity to optimize its Inbound sales-funnel..


The Inbound vendor empathizes with potential clients to find a solution together.

Helping the client evaluate the problem and working with them to find a solution is a part of this stage. It allows the vendor to judge whether that particular contact is prospective or not.


At this stage Inbound delves deeper into the challenges and objectives of the contact.

This involves assessing if your product or services actually offer a solution to your potential client.
If not, you are both wasting your time.



The Inbound vendor advises the client, following him/her through their final choice.

Once a relationship of trust is formed with the client, Inbound explains why that product or service meets the specific needs and objectives of that entity, in order to close the sale.

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