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Case study: Strategic Content and Social Marketing

Based in Israel, MyLivia is the company behind the world’s first scientifically proven wearable solution for period pain relief. Using the company’s patented SmartWave™ technology, MyLivia has helped countless women around the world to overcome symptoms of menstrual pain safely and effectively. Used by over 250,000 women in more than 120 countries across the globe, MyLivia is one of the most exciting tech innovations in recent history. 

Portfolio MyLivia

The Challenge:

The challenge for MyLivia was to improve its online presence and increase brand awareness through social media and organic ads. While the company had a strong product and a loyal customer base, it was struggling to reach a wider audience and generate leads through their social media channels and organic search traffic. MyLivia recognized that a more strategic and targeted approach to content and social media marketing was necessary to help them achieve their business objectives.

MyLivia tasked YourTarget with improving its online presence by developing an effective content marketing strategy that included its website and an SEO audit to enhance its digital marketing efforts.

Our solutions:

Brand immersion, website and SEO audit improve lead generation and informs the development of a successful digital advertising strategy. Audit improves lead generation and informs the development of a successful digital advertising strategy. 


After YourTarget’s efforts, MyLivia’s online presence saw significant growth. Their social media engagement increased by 78%, and their followers on Instagram grew by 50%. Their website also saw a boost in traffic, with a 30% increase in organic search traffic and a 50% increase in referral traffic. With improved lead generation and the development of a successful digital advertising strategy, MyLivia was able to achieve a 20% increase in sales within the first six months of implementing the new strategy.