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Amin & Wilson

Case study: Website, Strategic Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

Amin & Wilson is a real estate investment company based in Dubai. Their customer-centric consultancy services have helped clients from all over the world with successful property investments.

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The Challenge:

The client needed to improve their online presence and brand image to better position themselves in the competitive real estate market. They wanted to increase their website traffic and generate more leads, while also improving their personal branding and reputation as real estate experts.

Our solutions:

Our team conducted a comprehensive brand immersion and website audit to identify areas for improvement. We created a new website with an updated design and user-friendly navigation, optimized for search engines and lead generation. We also developed a strategic digital marketing plan that included content marketing, and social media marketing. In addition, we worked with the client to develop a personal branding strategy.


After implementing our solutions, Amin & Wilson Realty saw significant improvements in their online presence and lead generation. Their website traffic increased by over 50%, and they experienced a significant increase in qualified leads. The company also received positive feedback from clients and industry peers on their improved branding and reputation as real estate experts.