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Our Clients

We’ve helped countless clients around the world boost their online presence and grow their businesses with our Web3 and digital marketing expertise. We know that trust has to be earned. Here’s a selection of case studies that demonstrate our skills and experience in everything from content strategy and SEO to the emerging world of NFT and cryptocurrency marketing – and everything in between. 


Our Technology Partner

We work with the best, to enable businesses and organizations around the world with cutting-edge technology solutions.

We chose to collaborate with Vection Technologies, a growing enterprise-focused company that helps leverage 3D data via powerful extended reality interfaces that foster collaboration and learning, grow sales and more.

A multinational software company that focuses on real-time technologies for industrial companies’ digital transformation. Through a combination of our 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Industrial IoT and CAD solutions, Vection helps companies and organisations to innovate, collaborate and create value.

Healthcare Projects



  • Student accessibility to clinical practice spaces otherwise difficult to access.
  • Practice in multi-user (student) collaborative mode, even remotely.
  • Practice in a secure environment.
  • Easy reuse and modification of material for new students or other purposes.
  • Possibility of continuous use of training material at no added cost.


  • Users can experience the procedures by:
    • Having direct interaction of the avatar with instrumentation;
    • Viewing an animated avatar interacting with models;
    • Viewing 2D and 3D infographic content.
  • The experience can be unfolded in the following modes:
    • ASYNCHRONOUS: each user can independently enjoy the experience;
    • LIVE: the reference teacher (assisted by appropriate direction) guides the experience collaboratively and in real time through Cisco Webex Technology.


  • In collaboration with Humanitas liaisons, our experts mapped the hospital spaces and defined procedures and storytelling for the virtual experience.
  • Clinica re remodeled in 3DFrame’s virtual spaces and then made accessible to students, residents, and specialists from the university’s Medicine School and Laboratory techniques.

x 20 times
Increased accessibility to clinical practice environments

Efficacy in memorizing procedures

Hospitality Projects


Produced from 2020 to present


HRC is our partner for personnel management software solutions. SafeReception is a software that reduces the work of reception staff on access control of people in the buildings.
Integrated QR code scanner from September 2021.

Retail Projects

Nestlè Virtual Store


  • Effectively visualize and validate space planning, space allocation, and store theatralization solutions.
  • Reduce the time and costs required to set up a physical showroom.
  • Arrange effective trade presentations that convey values of quality and innovation.
  • Utilize materials designed for effective in-store demonstrations.


  • Shelfzone Studio allows for the rapid customization of multiple retail scenarios in which to set projects.
  • Shelfzone Simulator enables the visualization of different store formats in virtual reality, extending the experience to a broader audience through a stabilized 4K Second Screen.
  • The virtual store accelerates all stages of business functions (design, validation, presentation, and “sales”).
  • The 3D materials can be exported and viewed using Augmented Reality tools directly at the point of sale.


  • Import of planograms in standard .pln format (Spaceman, BlueYonder, etc.).
  • Realistic simulation and data collection tools for real-time marketing insights.
  • Wide range of pre-designed store formats.
  • Export of 3D SKUs in standard web formats.

up to:

Of spaces and costs for the showroom

Client engagement


Eurobet image1


Produced from 2017 to 2023

Eurobet, one of the leading operators in the betting sector in Italy, has installed more than 1500 betting kiosks throughout the country.
Thanks to these kiosks, Eurobet has managed to drastically reduce personnel costs and has improved the service for players by making it more efficient and with a higher level of privacy.

Education Projects



  • Transform the video and audio content produced by Cast Edutainment into a three-dimensional and virtual environment that fosters increased engagement from learners, while still maintaining the structure of guided courses.
  • Anticipate enhanced interactivity for learners in the coming times, achieved through uncomplicated commands and, in select instances, the development of completely immersive courses using VR viewers for more restricted sections.


  • 3DFrame is the virtual space where you can transfer video/audio content produced by Cast Edutainment.
  • The Cast Edutainment company will be able to create and edit future content in total autonomy, thanks to the NO CODE character of the Platform.
  • The introduction to the courses, which is now undertaken by professional actors, will be delegated to Cast Edutainment employees who, thanks to 3DFrame and the viewer, will conduct the course introduction using interactive avatars.

Provided Cast Edutainment company with two licenses of 3DFrame, along with one headset, and offered a training course to enable them to independently create virtual content.

up to:

Of the costs for content production

Risk of learners failing the final test

+ 70%
Learner engagement through the use of virtual scenarios

Real Estate Projects


Australian Real Estate Development



  • The overcome a nationwide increase in construction costs, Megara (Australian based real estate developer) had to substantially increase the prices for the premium apartment collection within Ora Sorrento – a stunning new residential development on the northern beaches of Perth, in Western Australia.
  • The client turned to Blank Canvas to create a CGI marketing content suite to elevate the presentation of this premium apartment product.


  • High end property is rarely a rational purchase – instead, buyers usually become emotionally attached to a prospective new home and once this happens, they’re inclined to pay more for it.
  • This was our strategy for Oa – we needed to showcase the stunning views and superb design on offer in an emotionally resonant way. 
  • Drawing on the architectural and creative skillsets within the Blank Canvas team – along with Vection Technologies’ XR capability, we created an immersive VR apartment walkthrough experience to bring these coastal penthouses to life at human scale.
  • In addition to seeing the views and appreciating the refined design, buyers can see the kitchen and ensuite colour finishes in situ and change the experience the apartment in morning, afternoon and dusk light – to alter the mood and ‘atmosphere’ of experience.


  • Walk through all of the key spaces within the apartment in immersive VR to understand the size/space.
  • Interact with materials – exploring three different colour finishes schemes for the kitchen and ensuite.
  • Change the lighting across three times of day to see how the ambience of the apartment changes with the light.


  • Strong feedback from buyers and sales team.
  • Faster sales conversion with fewer sales consultations required
  • Nominated for national marketing excellence and innovation award


Store design review



Francesco Struglia designs yachts for some of the most discerning clients on the planet. His team needed to visualize their design at 1-1 scale before building a complete prototype, and they needed to do so as a group.



With Mindesk, Francesco’s entire team was able to fully visualize their design in VR at 1-1 scale and walk through every inch of the model. Because Mindesk is able to accommodate up to 6 simultaneous users, all of Francesco’s team were able to participate in the VR design review session together and finalize their design efficiently.



  • Mindesk is the only VR architecture tool that allows multiple users to be in the same virtual environment simultaneously.
  • Each individual user can edit and manipulate the model in VR, and their changes are saved to the original host file.


Aerospace Projects



  • Technological development of a platform featuring an iconic representation of a futuristic Port Space with a modern design, multi-functionality, and multi-user capabilities, capable of accommodating a large number of users simultaneously.
  • Possibility of an e-commerce platform.
  • Hosting diverse content including video games, movies, and virtual exhibitions.
  • Facilitate real-time connections from the Space.


  • Graphic creation of the platform using 3DFrame to showcase the navigable Spazio Porto environment.
  • Development of the initial virtual exhibition, focused on a Cinema Hall.


  • The pioneering platform devoted to Space.
  • Empowering the public to access Space in an unprecedented manner.
  • An educational and cultural platform aimed at a broad audience, fostering interactive learning.
  • An opportunity to experiment with new technologies to fulfill the dream of exploring the cosmos.



  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Highlight design features and innovation in live and remote presentations.
  • Decreasing design time by reducing the number of editing steps the client requires.
  • Lessening design time by reducing the time spent in data preparation of 3D models for use across the software.


  • Using 3DFrame, Marotta sets up virtual spaces to present project progress and initiate an interactive session with clients.
  • Integrating 3DFrame and Cisco Webex allows easier access and collaboration in cooperative virtual environments.
  • Utilizing 3DFrame integration into Webex enables Marotta to make presentations and discuss sessions more effectively, making the design process more efficient.


  • HEXAFLY project teams in an immersive and collaborative manner and without prototype construction can now:
    • Simulate operational maintenance activities in VR;
    • Simulate operational activities of stowage (loading and unloading) in the nacelle and check encumbrances for activities.
  • Share project details and opportunities with future customers.
  • The experience can be enjoyed in these modes:
    • ASYNCHRONOUS: each designer can independently simulate the relevant activities;
    • COLLABORATIVE: The designer shares project analysis in virtual reality with other departments/teams/remotes using the Webex platform.

Improved 3D file preparation time

Speed of design time

Reduction of rework following customer consultations